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AWEdacity - Ig_nite

About: Ig-nit

Overcoming adversity to ignite the pursuit of passion, inspiring others with an empowering heart.

Ig_nit is a digital collectable designed to celebrate all of the  awe-inspiring, empowering, passionate women  across the globe. 


The mission of AWEdacity 2023 is to transform women’s lives by igniting the  that comes from the pursuit of becoming and inspiring other to be their audacious self. 


We do this through a series of actions. Everyday. Together or independently, this life is built on intention. As an Artist community involvement is always incorporated into my work whenever possible. So it was importance to find ways to include inspiration of this in the design for not only the Art piece but the award as well. AWEdacious Woman 2023 award is a collaborative effort unify all who attend and are involved in making the world a more AWEdacious place. 


The creation of the piece began in collaboration with crowdsourced participation, we polled The Women's Empowerment Network to get to core of what AWEdacity means to them by polling:  “What is your empowerment word for 2023? 


The list was as follows: 



  • EASE

  • FLOW



  • LOVE







Once the words were collected I compiled and used technology to help support the creation of digital component of the art piece. With guidance of multiple types of AI a base layer was intentionally directed to create curated imagery.  


From there a combination of software layers, animation and other alternative forms of mixed media were then applied to achieve the final piece of art. 


The result is what I consider to be a one of unique digital collage showcased in the format of an NFT. (The Minted NFT is to include: A special digital moving NFT formatted file and a  Hi-Res digital copy of the (nonmoving) original image.)


Created is a one of a kind physical object  complied vintage dead stock items from the 50’s/60’s. Hidden behind the back of this object is a special NFC chip containing a scannable link that contains the information about this project, an alternate non-minted version of this project along with more information on where minted version is can be purchased on the blockchain.  


This physical wearable object of art reflects the digital version and is to be presented to the winner of conference’s AWEdacious Woman Award 2023. This way owners can carry, wear and share this special piece of art in a whole new way, whenever they like.


The AWEdacious Woman Award of 2023 celebrates a woman who has overcome adversity and is focused on achieving big things, pursuing her most audacious goals!, 


The winner announced on February 24, 2023 at the AWEdacity Conference will be presented with a special token award of a handmade item wearable piece of art that inspired by this very piece. 


Physical objects are one of kind, custom made and are available for purchase upon transaction completion. (Separate transaction fee reqired) Item will be packaged and mailed to the buyer upon completed transaction (buyer pays to ship.)

She’s an AWEdacious Woman! 

Overcoming adversity to ignite the pursue of her passion, inspiring others with a heart and soul. What makes a woman AWEdacious? If you can not see it, step aside,  and what her GROW. 

To learn more about the conference and purchase tickets: 

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