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The first Series Zeitgeist started out as an exploration of exposing oneself to new technology.As with any new form of art when it intersects with technology there is always going be a bit of a learning curve. I consider this space my self portrait transformation of art into the Metaverse.    


One series will curiously explore altered versions of the visuals metadata extracted from the collected from the exact moment that the images are captured. Converting it to movement which will allow for an new exploration of reflective stills in my photographic artwork. Creating an experience that once upon a time could only be seen through the originating eyes and captured by the omniscient lens. This series will be called Ri-flEkt.


Another Series will use explore new developments in AI technology, where I will explore my personal development as an artist in the constant battle with technology. Where does community and art intersect, and when technology becomes involved where are lines drawn. This series will be released in two parts the first will be with community driven piece for the 2023 Women's AWEDacity Conference.

There will be more in there works so please keep and eye out. The hope is to offer a first-hand experience to viewers so that they can be shared anytime in the palm of one's hand.

Each Image in the series will be minted on the Blockchain to include:

- A special digital moving NFT formatted file.

- A Hi-Res digital copy of the (nonmoving) original image.

- Special content that can only be unlocked by the owner containing access to physical object options available for purchase.

With this, I invite you to share with me in the exploration of

Operation JoyRide NFT:

Zeitgeist- 01.png


 Through the window glass awaits an unknown adventure for us to explore. Take my hand and away we go. Along the every days of the open roads.

Zeitgeist- 02.png


Up to the sky, with open eyes. Always striving to keep her head held high.

JBKreative- ri-flEkt- 01 -HiRes.jpg

Ri-flEkt- 01

 Imagery found in windows, mirrors, and shadows cast on surfaces. These images all create natural layers and in doing so hopefully create alternate storylines and meaning. 


Pushing the limits of digital imagery, casts of light, shadow, and reflections are actively captured in nature layers of images already found to exist within a space.

JBKreative- ri-flEkt- 02 -HiRes.jpg


This in-depth exploration of natural layering patterns allows me to showcase the passage of time and its effects on the world around it inside of a single image.  Depicting the result as an enhanced ethereal, visual story, completely preserved for all of the time.

JBKreative- ri-flEkt- 03 -HiRes.JPG
JBKreative- Ignite.JPG


Overcoming adversity to ignite the pursuit of passion, inspiring others with an empowering heart. 

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