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An ongoing community inspired project about sharing kindness. 



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Project 01:

Share Some Love

Project 02: 

Thoughts on 37

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Project 03: 



Art is everywhere. It's all in how you look at it.

Across the world there is a movement of street artists leaving original pieces in random public places for individuals to find and keep. They do this for a number of reasons, one is so their work can be seen and shared and have a better chance of living on forever.  

Finding an original piece of art- for free is a selfless act by the artist and a special gift for the receiver. Like notes in a kids lunch box, unexpected acts of kindness never go unnoticed.


The Goal: Share some goodness with the world. Give a gift to someone who might need a little love and brighten their day. 

How you can join: 

1. Create small works of art: Write a short love letter, found gifts, make some drawings or put your favorite quotes down. It does not need to be anything huge or long, just sweet. Be creative. 

2. Add the hashtag: #operationjoyride on the piece so it can be tracked, shared and found. Leave each one of your pieces in places around your city,

3. Take a picture and document where you are. Share on any social media using the hashtag #operationjoyride in your post. Currently I am using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Swarm to track my drop off pieces. 


This is an ongoing project! 

Please join me by participating in your city

Hope you will join me in making someone else's day. 
Thank you and enjoy!

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