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"Thoughts on 37” was an art installation piece built for the Wall2Wall2 show in 2017 containing a series of 37 photographs, varied in size and printed on alternative materials: wood, metals, plexiglass. These images are from travels around the US. I have been photographing places communities for several years, focusing on reflections, light, found objects, graffiti and other urban environments. * Some Images from the first Operation JoyRide Project were featured. 


Adjacent to the piece there was a mannequin covered with small bags containing mini print versions of the larger work as well as 100 other images. 

The community interaction component provided a small set of directions for people to trade a mini print replacing it with a small item that belonged to them. Upon the close of the show the art will come down, the bags will be collected and later compiled into some form of art piece, that will created by and shared with the community. Often art found on display, in a gallery setting is something that viewers inherently keep a distance from, my hope was to break these walls down by creating  a simple interaction with this piece.  

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