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Operation JoyRide Community Outreach Projects are Live and Looking: 

  1. Do you have unworn, unused, old or jewelry you are no longer in need of?
    What about beading supplies and jewelry making materials from a long lost hobby gone by. Are you looking for a good place to re-home these item where they can be loved and find new life? 

  2. Are an artist or creator looking to collaborate on idea for something you have in mind? Maybe you have Podcast, video idea you want to brainstorm about, community drop art project, or something else you are working along those lines. Let's talk, share trade ideas and work together. I whole hearted believe that through support of community it will be the one most important way we all can thrive. 

Drop me a line and let's see about creating something new. 

There are times in your life that take your breath away, a moment, a memory, a noun. Taking space on the surface. During these times your life becomes a caveat to whatever it is you might be feeling.  Things are pleasantly beautiful here. Dig deep within your life and allow it to reflect out, where the layers underneath reveal within themselves a space of simplicity.

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