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The Artifactor


Hi my name is Joey and this is my long standing creative project called: OperationJoyride. 

The OperationJoyride project was developed as a way to share art, ideas and experiences of the world around you, with the world around you. To have creative outlet of sharing ones creative process with others through a series of ongoing community based projects.


Once I started I realized that these projects became about so much more than a way for me to make and share my art with others because the concept behind them was something that anyone could relate to and therefore participate in.

Over the years the project has often changed shape but concept at its core has always remained the same and this type of discovery will continue to do so for the rest of time. 

To see more of what I am working on please consider exploring some of my social media links below and checking out some of my more hands on creations from my Etsy Shop

For first hand updates, questions or print inquiriesreach out to me via the information located on the contact page of this site. 


With love and Sparkles,


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